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Boost Up Your Professional Game with MS Office Mastery!


Welcome to the MS Office Bootcamp at Off The School! This comprehensive 12-session bootcamp, led by the skilled Sir Ahmed, is designed to equip you with advanced Excel skills that will enhance your productivity and efficiency in data management, analysis, and visualization. No prior advanced Excel knowledge is required; all you need is basic computer skills and a willingness to learn.


Session 1: Introduction to Excel and Its Uses

The first session will introduce you to Microsoft Excel, its interface, and its extensive uses across various industries. You will learn:
Excel Basics
-Introduction to Microsoft Excel and its significance
-Key features of Excel: grid interface, formulas and functions, data visualization, data analysis tools, data import, and export
-Practical applications of Excel in financial management, data analysis and reporting, project management, inventory management, and educational purposes
Excel Interface:
-Understanding the Ribbon, Tabs, and Commands
Navigation Tools:
-Scrolling, Zooming, and Moving Between Cells

Session 2: Data Entry, Copying, Pasting, and Formatting

The second session will cover the fundamentals of data entry, copying, pasting, formatting, and manipulating rows and columns. You will learn:
Data Entry:
-Typing data directly into cells
-Using Autofill and Drag-and-Drop
Copying and Pasting:
-Techniques for duplicating data within or between worksheets
Customizing font styles, sizes, and colors
Aligning text within cells and adding borders
Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns:
Adjusting the worksheet layout by adding or removing rows and columns

Session 3 & 4: Basic Formulas and Functions

Sessions three and four will introduce you to essential Excel formulas and functions, enabling you to perform basic calculations and data analysis. You will learn:
Basic Formulas
-Using SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, and COUNT functions
-Understanding cell references (absolute, relative, mixed)
Advanced Functions:
-SUBTOTAL function for filtered data
-TODAY function for inserting the current date

Session 5: CSS Basics

The fifth session will cover page layout, printing options, and saving your work in different formats. You will learn:
Page Layout Options:
-Adjusting margins, orientation, and scaling
Printing Options:
-Using Print Preview, configuring print settings, and defining page breaks
Saving Options:
-Choosing file formats such as XLSX, CSV, and PDF

Session 6: Q&A with Practical Examples

This session will provide an open forum for questions and practical examples to reinforce your learning. You will:
Hands-on Practice:
-Creating projects to apply your Excel skills
-Working on an expense sheet using learned techniques

Session 7: VLOOKUP Function

The seventh session will focus on the VLOOKUP function, a powerful tool for searching and retrieving data. You will learn:
Understanding VLOOKUP:
-Syntax and arguments of the VLOOKUP formula
-Practical applications in CRM, inventory management, and finance

Session 8: HLOOKUP Function

The eighth session will cover the HLOOKUP function, which searches for values horizontally. You will learn:
Understanding HLOOKUP:
-Syntax and arguments of the HLOOKUP formula
-Practical applications and important notes

Session 9: XLOOKUP Function

The ninth session will introduce you to the versatile XLOOKUP function, replacing VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP. You will learn:
Understanding XLOOKUP:
-Versatility and matching options
-Error handling and real-world applications

Session 10: Text Functions (LEFT, RIGHT, CONCATENATE)

The tenth session will focus on text functions to manipulate strings. You will learn:
LEFT and RIGHT Functions:
-Extracting specific characters from text strings
-Joining multiple text strings into one
Combining Functions:
-Practical examples of using these functions together

Session 11: Data Validation, Protection, Conditional Formatting, and Sorting

The eleventh session will cover essential tools for maintaining data integrity and readability. You will learn:
Data Validation:
-Restricting data types to ensure accuracy
Data Protection:
-Locking cells and protecting worksheets
Conditional Formatting:
-Applying formatting based on specific conditions
-Reorganizing data in ascending or descending order

Session 12: Q&A with Practical Examples

The final session will provide another open forum for questions and practical examples to solidify your learning. You will:
Hands-on Practice:
-Creating different projects to apply your Excel skills
-Working on creating an expense sheet using learned techniques
Final Q&A:
-Address any remaining doubts or inquiries


By the end of this bootcamp, you will have a thorough understanding of Microsoft Excel, enabling you to manage, analyze, and visualize data efficiently. You will have mastered various Excel functions, data validation, conditional formatting, and more, equipping you with the skills to excel in data-related tasks across different industries. This bootcamp will provide you with the skills and confidence to advance your career or enhance your productivity.


This workshop is free for all, so anybody can join. This is a great opportunity to get a taste of what you’ll be learning and see the value of the course before committing.

Enrollment Information:
The MS Office Bootcamp starts on July 14th. Limited seats are available, so make sure to secure your spot today. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate recognizing their achievements.

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