Persian Language

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Ali Jafferi

Persian Language

Persian, also called “Farsi”, is an ancient tongue that still exists today, even after nearly 2500 years. Persian is rich in culture and famous for its poetry; this is why many people wish to learn Persian. Most Urdu poetry books are translated from Persian as well. Throughout the history of Urdu, many Urdu writers translated Persian books into Urdu, so Persian is a big part of Urdu history and culture. Even most of the words in Urdu come from Persian. Despite its share in the culture of Urdu, Persian language courses are hard to come by, especially in Urdu. Keeping this in mind, “Off The School” offers live online Persian classes to those who seek them but lack access. Rest assured, the quality of these classes is maintained to the highest of our abilities. Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, it will feel like you are in the classroom with the teacher. There really is no downside to the deal we have to offer, so enroll now. Our teachers are as professional as they come, so we guarantee the best experience.

Course Outline

Class NoDateMain TopicSub TopicsBrief Description
14-2-2023IntroductionPersian & its history, Exchange of greetings & pleasantries in Persian
25-2-2023NounsNouns & adjectives, Singular & plural, Ezafe or connector
311-2-2023Pronouns & NumbersPresent tense: to be & to have, Numbers, Demonstrative objects & pronouns
412-2-2023LiteratureIqbal, Molana RumiAssortment of timeless pieces from famous poets
518-2-2023Past stemSimple past tense, Past progressive tense
619-2-2023Transitive & IntransitiveAttributive suffix, Transitive & intransitive, Compound verbs
725-2-2023Comparison of adjectivesAdjectives, Question words, Telling time, Double negative
826-2-2023LiteratureGhalib, Hafiz ShiraziAssortment of timeless pieces from famous poets
94-3-2023ImperativeImperative, Infinitive & its uses, Past & present stem
105-3-2023Present tensePresent & present progressive tense with daashtan, Definite & indefinite
1111-3-2023Past partciples perfect tenseFormation of past perfect tense in persian
1212-3-2023LiteratureSaadi, Farough FarrokhzadAssortment of timeless pieces from famous poets
1318-3-2023Future TenseFuture tense
1419-3-2023SubjunctivePresent or simple subjunctive
1525-3-2023Perfect subjunctivePast subjunctive, Conditionals & wishes
1626-3-2023RevisionRevision and round up of the session

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