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Professional Communication

Elevate your professional journey with our ‘Professional Communication: Interpersonal Skills and Career Development’ course. This powerful program is dedicated to refining participants’ interpersonal skills, empowering them with effective communication techniques, robust networking strategies, and insightful career development methodologies. By harnessing these skills, participants can confidently navigate the professional realm and thrive in their chosen careers.

This transformative course forms an essential component of our prestigious Rozgar Program, accompanying two other comprehensive courses: ‘Business English’ and ‘Foundation of Business & Finance’. For enrollment in the complete Rozgar Program, please click here.

Available Format: On-campus

Course Duration: A skill-enhancing journey of three months

Class Structure: Comprised of 24 insightful sessions

Course Commencement: Begins on June 8th

Weekly Schedule: Every Thursday and Friday

Class Hours: 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Fee Structure: A one-time fee of Rs2,000 for the entire course

Equip yourself with the power of effective communication and kickstart a successful career. Enrol in the ‘Professional Communication: Interpersonal Skills and Career Development’ course today!

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