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Open the door to innovation and exploration for your child with our Robotics for Kids Course. Through hands-on activities and projects, your child will delve into the fascinating world of robotics, learning to design, build, and program their own robots. From navigating obstacles to solving real-world challenges, this course nurtures problem-solving abilities and a deep understanding of technology.

Prepare your child for the future by fostering their curiosity and sparking their interest in robotics and engineering.

Format: On-campus
Day:Every Sunday
Time: 3 PM – 5 PM
Age Criteria: 10 – 16 years old

Duration: 2 Months
Fee: Rs. 1,000

Course Outline

Prerequisites: None

Reason for Enrolling:
To gain a fundamental understanding of robotics and its applications.

Understand the basics of robotics, course structure, and construct flashlights.

Prerequisites: Class 1 attendance

Reason for Enrolling:
To learn about the basic components used in robotics.

Identify and understand the use of various electronic components in robotics.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of electronic components

Reason for Enrolling:
To learn programming concepts using Scratch.

Create basic programs using Scratch to control robotic components.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with Scratch programming

Reason for Enrolling:
To comprehend how logic gates form the basis of robotic decision making.

Understand and apply logic gates in creating simple circuits.

Prerequisites: Understanding of logic gates and circuits

Reason for Enrolling:
To develop practical skills in building circuits that interact with the environment.

Construct and test a light detection circuit.

Prerequisites: Completion of a light detection circuit

Reason for Enrolling:
To become familiar with the tools and components in the robotics kit.

Identify and utilize different components of the robotics kit.

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of the robotics kit

Reason for Enrolling:
To learn programming and interfacing with Arduino UNO.

Program Arduino UNO to control robotic components.

Prerequisites: Proficiency in programming Arduino UNO

Reason for Enrolling: To apply knowledge in creating robots that can detect obstacles.

Design and program a robot capable of detecting obstacles.

Prerequisites: Experience in designing obstacle detection robots

Reason for Enrolling:
To enhance skills in building more complex robotic systems.

Build and program a two-wheeler robot that avoids obstacles.

Prerequisites: Ability to create obstacle avoidance robots

Reason for Enrolling:
To master the construction of robots that follow a line.

Design, build, and program a line following robot.

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