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Muhammad Faaiz


We are initiating a new bootcamp model centered on Web Development. Initially, the program will encompass eight sessions, with plans to extend the offerings subsequently. This model is structured to cover essential aspects of computer science, starting with an Introduction to Web Development, and progressing through Frontend and Backend Development, Version Control and Collaboration, Web Security, culminating in a Project Showcase and Conclusion.

The bootcamp is structured as a series of intensive workshops that occur weekly. Participants will gain a thorough grounding in crucial frontend and backend technologies. The curriculum is designed to equip students with practical skills by engaging them in hands-on projects throughout the duration of the course.

Guidance and instruction will be provided by “Muhammad Faaiz”, a skilled software engineer. Each participant will benefit from personalized instruction, ensuring that they not only learn the theory but also apply their new skills effectively in practical scenarios.

Format: On-campus
Every Sunday
Time: 9 AM – 12 PM
Fee: Rs.100 /Per Session
Starting from:  12th May 2024

Course Outline

  • Theory (1 hour):
    • Overview of web development concepts
    • Introduction to HTML and CSS
    • Basics of frontend vs. backend development
  • Hands-on Coding (1 hour):
    • Building a simple webpage with HTML and CSS
    • Understanding the structure of HTML documents
    • Styling HTML elements with CSS
  • Project Work (1 hour):
    • Exercise: Create a personal portfolio webpage
    • Guidance and support from instructors
    • Q&A session
  • Theory (1 hour):
    • Introduction to JavaScript and its role in web development
    • Overview of frontend frameworks (e.g., React.js, Angular)
    • Understanding components and state management
  • Hands-on Coding (1 hour):
    • Setting up a development environment with Node.js and npm
    • Building a simple React component
    • Managing component state with React hooks
  • Project Work (1 hour):
    • Exercise: Build a simple interactive web application using React.js
    • Troubleshooting and debugging
    • Peer collaboration and feedback
  • Theory (1 hour):
    • Introduction to server-side development with Node.js
    • Creating RESTful APIs with Express.js
    • Handling data with MongoDB and Mongoose
  • Hands-on Coding (1 hour):
    • Setting up a Node.js server
    • Creating API endpoints with Express.js
    • Integrating MongoDB for data persistence
  • Project Work (1 hour):
    • Exercise: Develop a backend for the previously built frontend application
    • Testing API endpoints
    • Instructor feedback and code review
  • Theory (1 hour):
    • Introduction to version control with Git
    • Collaborative development workflows with GitHub
    • Branching, merging, and pull requests
  • Hands-on Coding (1 hour):
    • Setting up a Git repository for a project
    • Committing changes and pushing to GitHub
    • Collaborating with team members on a shared project
  • Project Work (1 hour):
    • Exercise: Work collaboratively on a group project, managing versions and resolving conflicts
    • Review and discussion of best practices
    • Instructor guidance on effective collaboration
  • Theory (1 hour):
    • Understanding common security threats in web applications
    • Implementing security measures (e.g., input validation, authentication)
    • Secure coding practices and guidelines
  • Hands-on Coding (1 hour):
    • Identifying and fixing security vulnerabilities in a sample application
    • Implementing authentication and authorization mechanisms
    • Applying security headers and encryption techniques
  • Project Work (1 hour):
    • Exercise: Enhance the security of a provided web application
    • Peer review and discussion of security implementations
    • Q&A session with instructors
  • Final Project Showcase (2 hours):
    • Presentation of individual or group projects developed throughout the bootcamp
    • Demonstration of skills learned and project outcomes
    • Feedback and evaluation from instructors and peers
  • Conclusion and Next Steps (1 hour):
    • Recap of key learnings and achievements
    • Guidance on further learning and career opportunities in web development
    • Graduation ceremony and certificates distribution
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